Fun loving hippigirl, I enjoy country living, flea markets,reading , motocycles, woodworking ,puppies , family, Full moons .I'm 41 yrs old and almost a grandma.I am married to a great guy who lets me be me.

Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm a big girl now

Hey Hey , I'm getting better and learning more every day.I knew I would !I'm a hands on learning kinda person. Now if I could just firgure out my math assignment I'd be doing good. Things are going pretty good around here,the grass is growing and the birds are singing. There is a burst of spring activity moving everywhere.I love it!I feel like I'm finally waking up.I think I had a false start a couple of week ago. I'm going to to go now and check out my cuz.

still tring

Yes I'm here still tring to figure this all out . i don't know my way around a computer very well but I will keep at it . Give me a peice of wood and a knife and I can do wonders . Drop me off in the middle of the woods and I'm a happy camper but put this sreen in front of me and I feel like a first grader [now days they know more] I am still tring to post to my cuz,can't I haven't even figured out how to bring this site up.I keep going back to her email and clicking on her page from the addres she put in there. Never fear Wounderdog is here I will figuge it all out my 18 yr old son will be back from school soon maybe he can bring me into the blogging age. more later.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

1st timer

Well , I'm taking baby steps . I'm not sure what I'm doing so here I go . MY cuz started my curoisity going with all this blogging and now I can't stop. This is so much fun. I live in the country and don't get out much so this is very entertaining. I'm currantly taking an online course to get my Real estate lisence. I'm fumbling through it all and learning how to use this computer all at once. So bear with me. I am still tring to get this all set up. I'll write more later.