Fun loving hippigirl, I enjoy country living, flea markets,reading , motocycles, woodworking ,puppies , family, Full moons .I'm 41 yrs old and almost a grandma.I am married to a great guy who lets me be me.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Can you tell I'm bored today, see previous postings

I'm sitting at work bored, avoiding posting about anything that is of value.So I'm just playing.
I was feeling very positive and upbeat last week and then some things happened over the weekend to hurt my feelings and my heart.It invovled being nice and tring to help someone out only to be shit on .
Well I will not let it get me down.I will not lose faith in people and I will continue to be who I am.I just have to believe that the loss of my friendship is their loss.And it's better to see true colors before getting any more involved than I did.
It really helped receiving a card in the mail from my friend Sande,thank you sweetie for your wonderful words and your perfect timing.
Now I think I'm going to go back to playing around a little , I love the little chuckles I find out here in blogland.
Have a wonderful week everyone, Peace
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Friday, February 24, 2006

It's Friday !!!!!!!!!!

I love Fridays! This Friday reminds me of a Dr. Hook song "You make my pants want to get up and dance, you make my face want to grin. You make my knees want to do as they please Honey won't you kiss me again"
Anyhow I'm tring to keep up with the posting since I've been so bad . But I'm on the run working both jobs today. I might slow down by sunday.......
Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Staying in the saddle.....

Today feels like a happy "I'm back in the saddle " kind of day. I feel real good. Someone is sending some good stuff my way. It was nice to hear from everyone as well. I hope this is contagious and all of you get it too. Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ok I'll confess... I'm a secret agent!!!

Oh no wait a min. I'm a Real Estate agent. Yes I finally passed my test now I'm just waiting for my license. Life has been moving so fast for us since the first of the year.
When they say good things come to those who wait , they aren't kidding . It seems like I was waiting and waiting and waiting then all of a sudden all heck broke lose.And it's all good!!
1. My husband and I started our own Electrical bus. He is still working full time over in Ark. and we are doing this after hours and on the weekends. Our first contract was a Non-profit org. Dental clinic. Almost have that one finished .
2. I studied and worked hard to pass the state and national test for my Real-estate stuff. I really am proud of myself. It took long enough but the hard part is over. I can't wait to really start working as an agent.
3. I picked up a job 3- 4 nights a week at a new supper club a real nice place with exellent food. I've appied for a management position, we'll see....
4. We are working on trying to buy our place out here.......
5.I finally got my woodstove hooked up theis weekend ... I love wood heat. It feels soooo good!!!!

I am really going to put some effort into getting caught up with everyone in blog I do miss my friends. And I'm way overdue LOve you guys!!!!!!!!